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New Mirror Article + 2 Images!

It’s rare you meet a 17 year old with more poise and professionalism than your average adult, but that’s definitely the case when we meet Selena Gomez. Surrounded by a whirlwind of stylists, PRs and her mum and step-dad (who, we’re told, accompany her on most things), she sits calmly in the make-up artist’s chair, politely joining in with the chatter going on around her.

At a petite size 6 and with flawless skin and hair (‘oh, it’s extensions’), she looks as perfect as a doll. And there’s no doubting this girl knows how to handle the attention. Maybe it’s because she’s been a professional actress since she was seven, maybe it’s a result of faultless Disney media training, or maybe she was just born for this role…

Already a huge star in the States following the success of Disney’s Wizards Of Waverly Place, and with a first album that debuted in the UK charts at number 10, working with the media is nothing new to her. It’s only in unguarded moments that she gives away the fact she’s really just a teenage girl, squealing in delight when the stylist reveals her outfit – ‘Polka dots! I just bought something with polka dots’ – or getting over-excited about the huge buckets of KFC that arrive (‘Oh my God, it’s the best food in the WORLD!’).

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I also uploaded 2 new images and Selena looks AH-MAZING!!


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