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Naturlly #1 Added Song at Pop Radio!

Selena’s new single “Naturally” came at #7 on KIIS FM’s 9 @ 9 with  Jojo Wright (Jojo on the Radio). Be sure to keep requesting the song on this page. Also Naturally is the #1 most added song at pop radio. Its being played at a lot of stations and you can see the list here. Selena posted a long tweet about this earlier today and she also mentioned that she will on the phones during  ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ telethon this Friday which is awesome! Congratulations Selena!

I will be on the phones during George Clooney & Joel Gallen’s ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ telethon this Friday from 5pm to 7pm PST, I am so honored to be an active participant in this amazing fundraising event. Be sure to tune in, you cannot miss it it is on MTV, over 30 major TV networks, and CNN worldwide. Let’s all come together and help those in Haiti.

I just got a call from Hollywood Records, Naturally was the most added song to pop radio this week!!!!!!!! Thank you all so so much for calling in and requesting the song to your local radio stations. Here is a link to the all the stations currently playing the song. If you don’t see your local station on there call in and request Naturally to be added. Thank You again!


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